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General Usage

  • The MODIFIER key is 'Ctrl' on Windows and 'Alt' on Apple systems.
  • Press 'Shift' + MODIFIER key to recall the settings windows to the position of the mouse pointer.

Preload Tab

  • Create a layer by dragging preload clip to the layer manager
  • Change running layer media by dragging preload clip on layer
  • Connect preload buttons to IO devices by dragging the buttons to IO keys
  • Copy media by dragging from preload to preload
    • Press shift to copy media but not layer positioning

Live Editor Tab

  • Open a media file dialog by double-clicking on the background
  • Create a layer by dragging clip to the layer manager
  • Remove running clip by dragging it to the deleter area
  • A clip cannot be closed while beeing used in a layer

Layer Manager Tab

  • Change layer order by dragging thumbnails onto each other
  • Remove layer by dragging it to the deleter area
    • Press shift to avoid removing the clip
  • Remove all layers at once by clicking MODIFIER + click on ´X´ button (v5.0.10+)
  • Holding MODIFIER allows to edit just the selected layer when is connected to other layers trough the "chain" function (v5.0.10+)

Playlist Tab

  • For triggering a IO Keyboard Command enter Keyboard+Key (e.g. Keyboard a)
  • Some Keys (special keys) are using brackets (e.g. Keyboard (space))
    • You can see if you have to type brackets in the IO device settings

Keystone Tab

  • Dis-/Enable element modification by double-clicking the centered element pivot
  • Mark a pivot by clicking on it
  • Mark multiple pivots by dragging a box around them
  • Mark multiple pivots by by holding the MODIFIER key
  • Move pivot marking with Ctrl+arrow keys
  • Move an activated pivot by dragging it with the mouse or using the keyboard arrow keys
    • Hold Shift while using the arrow keys for larger pivot steps
    • Hold MODIFIER while dragging to limit the movement to horiziontal or vertical
  • Navigation control ( bottom right in keystone ) usage:
    • Zoom into the keystone area by dragging an area inside the control
    • Pan view by dragging the marked area
    • Zoom to full view by double-clicking inside the control
    • Buttons top right: small zoom/pan steps
    • Buttons top left: zoom view history

Standalone Encoder / Video Batch Encoder Usage

  1. Set cachefolder location in MXW->Settings->Filecache
  2. Uncheck Prefer external codecs in FXServer->Media Settings
  3. Set cachefolder location in Standalone Encoder
  4. Open a Movie in Standalone Encoder and choose wanted quality
  5. Load cached movie in MXW
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