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This reference applies to all different OS. The presented OSC commands are for most part supported in version 6.0 but will be fully functional in version 6.0.08 and above.


This document describes the MXWendler (MXW) OSC Command Interface through an overview of the command structure and practical examples of integration with external controlling software.

What is OSC?

OSC or „Open Sound Control“ is a Network-based protocol that commonly utilizes the UDP transport mechanism. Originally developed as a successor of the MIDI control protocol, it used nowadays as a practical communication method between platforms.

OSC Features:

  • Connectionless communication architecture
  • Broadcast-type messages
  • High resolution time tag
  • Allowed data formats including numeric, symbolic, and “blob” arguments
  • Open-ended, dynamic, URL-style naming scheme for the receivers' address

[1] Wikipedia Link


1. Controlling MXW through OSC
1.1 Receiving OSC commands in MXW
1.2 Output OSC from MXW: Send vs. Reply
2. MXW OSC command structure
2.1 Sending OSC Values
2.2 Examples
3. MXW OSC command reference
4. Practical examples: Pure Data and TouchOSC
4.1 Install Pure Data
4.2 MXW Pd Patch
4.3 OSC for portable Devices: TouchOSC and Protokol
5. Troubleshooting
6. External links