Windows 10 x64 + Stage Designer/FXServer does not start

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This applies to Windows 10 64 Bit and MXWendler version 6.0.00 and above. The system CPU is older than five years.


The software either does not start at all or shows a splash screen and disappears without any message box


  • Install a CPU that supports AVX extensions
  • Install a Stage Designer version > 6.0.00
  • Uninstall drivers that require AVX extension. See below for an explanation.


MXWendler Stage Designer version 6.0.00 requires AVX CPU extensions. If the cpu does not support this extensions, the software start is aborted. Please note that this also affects other drivers in your system. The Stage Designer software may load e.g. the asio4all64.dll that also requires AVX or other non-supported extensions. The issue can be checked in the windows event viewer. Check for 'Application error' with the following signature:

Faulting application: MXW.exe
Faulting module: asio4all64.dll
Exception code: 0x80000003

Stage Designer and FXServer versions after 6.0.00 do not require AVX extensions.