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MXWendler enables you to trigger a whole series of events and animations with a keystroke or a MIDI/DMX event. All events work according to the same principle: a trigger activates an event, which sends a specific value to a receiver at a specific time.

Events are managed in the IO Devices Settings:

1. Open 'DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events' in the settings: (A)

Menu: Settings → IO Devices → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events

2. Determine the trigger by selecting the respective tool: DMX, MIDI, Keyboard, Timer or TUIO (also Wii running Windows). (B)

3. Create an event with the '+' button. (C)

4. Activate an event. (D)

5. Specify the various event settings (receiver / event type / time / value). (E)

Events 1.png