Capture Cards (e.g. BM Decklink Studio2)

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This applies to Mac OS 10.7 and MXWendler version 4.2 and above (Windows see below)


  • You can find your Capture Cards in Live Devices, but there is no video signal.


  • 1. Open "Live Devices" from "Settings/Media-Pictures, video and live media"
  • 2. Mark the Checkbox "Open Live Device Settings on Start"


  • 3. Change state of your Live device by double-clicking
  • 4. Set state to known and enter your Capture values

LiveDevice state.png LiveDevices state known.png

  • 5. Now a Video dialog should appear with a preview of your live device

Video LiveDevice dialog.png

  • 6. Start FXServer/StageDesigner
  • 7. Open New Clip in Live Editor
  • 8. Select LiveMedia in DropDown Menu


LiveMedia LiveEditor captur.png

Using BlackmagicDesign Capture Cards with Windows 7

  • 9. Setup your Capture Card in Control Panel "BlackmagicDesign Control Panel"

BM System Settings.PNG

  • 10. Check in Blackmagic Media Express if there is a signal
  • 11. If there is a signal in Black Magic Media Express, write down the exact figures eg. 1920 x 1080 x 50p
  • 12. In the Stage Designer live media window, DO NOT use the Blackmagic WDM device, use the Decklink device: WDM->unknown, Decklink->known with the exact figures you noted before
  • 13. Reduce latency: set Stage Designer / FXServer framerate higher than capture card latency