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All so-called "Widgets" (user elements such as buttons, sliders, etc) have an Intrinsic Value", in the range 0 to 1.

A button is pressed at 1 and released at 0.
A slider is fully applied at 1 and closed at 0.

Internally, values are again set to a meaningful value. For example, at position 0.5 (central point), a video with 100 frames is on the 50th frame. The same applies for the playback speed with the slider:

0.0 is 5-times backward;
1.0 is 5-times forwards;
0.5 is stop;
And 0.6 is 1-times forwards, i.e. normal playback speed.

All widgets have a so-called address. This allows specific objects (for example the first layer of a composition) to be always retrievable, even if they are being continuously created on the go or are being recorded with new media. The addressing scheme is as follows:


This entry applies to the opacity of the bottom layer (Layer 1) of the second track. If there is no layer at this location, nothing will happen. Access can be further simplified by accessing ‘active’ tracks and layers:


The activation of tracks and layers can also be given addresses: Trackmanager switches through available tracks, and Layermanager through available layers.