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Access the Internal File Browser: The 'Internal File Browser' is placed as default in the top right corner of the User Interface. It can be opened by clicking the arrow button.(A)

Move, resize and docking: The File Browser can be moved from its default position by simply dragging the window and can be resized by clicking and dragging the blue triangle at the bottom right of the item.

Docking Checkbox: when selected, the filebrowser will be automatically docked back to the default position if minimized. If not selected the File Browser will keep its position even after software new-start. (B)

Usage: One or multiple media (Shift+Click to multi-select) can be dragged and dropped on 'Preload', 'Live Editor', 'Playlist' or 'Layermanager'.

This PC: Goes to the root folder of the hard disk, where the drives of the system are. (C)

Address Bar: The address of the current folder. Double click on the bar to type the desired address. (D)

Zoom: Zoom in or out in the folder to see thumbnails or just file names and details. Can be changed either by mouse wheel or by clicking and dragging it. (E)

Reset Zoom: Resets the zoom to it's default amount. (F)

Reload Directory: Reloads the directory so that the changes to the files are updated. (G)

One Up: Moves to the parent folder of your current position. (H)