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Access the Internal File Browser: the Internal File Browser is placed by default in the top right corner of the user interface. It can be opened by clicking on the triangle.(A)

Move, Resize and Docking: the file browser can be moved from its default position by simply click&dragging the window, and can be resized by click&dragging the blue triangle at the bottom right of the item.

Docking Checkbox: when selected, the filebrowser will be automatically docked back to the default position if minimized. If not selected the File Browser will keep its position even after software new-start. (B)

Usage: One or multiple media (Shift+Click to multi-select) can be dragged and dropped on 'Preload', 'Live Editor', 'Playlist' or 'Layermanager'.

This PC: Goes to the root folder of the hard disk, where the drives of the system are. (C)

Address Bar: The address of the current folder. Double-click on the bar to type the desired address. (D)

Zoom: Zoom in or out in the folder to see thumbnails or just file names and details. Can be changed either by mouse-wheel or by clicking and dragging it. (E)

Reset Zoom: Resets the zoom to its default amount. (F)

Reload Directory: Reloads the directory so that the changes to the files are updated. (G)

One Up: Moves to the parent folder of your current position. (H)

File browser.png