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Thank you for choosing MXWendler video software.
MXWendler is the perfect solution for video art, club visuals, theatre, facade projections, architecture, and LED lighting.
MXWendler video software places a strong emphasis on the composition and positioning of the output, because the projection is just as important as the content - no space, stage or scene is like another.
MXWendler is professional real-time video software, which works quickly, securely and robustly. The clearly laid-out interface makes it easy to use and easy to learn.
With MXWendler, the only limit is the user’s imagination. This manual is designed to teach users to learn the software quickly, and the tutorials give guidance in simple and clear steps. Before long, you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild, and put your ideas directly into action.
MXWendler can be used to play back all kinds of different media, to create playlists, set up panoramas, and perform live VJ sets.