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Thank you for choosing MXWendler video software.
MXWendler is the perfect solution for video art, club visuals, theatre, facade projections, architecture, and LED lighting.
MXWendler video software places a strong emphasis on the composition and positioning of the output, because the projection is just as important as the content - no space, stage or scene is like another.
MXWendler is professional real-time video software, which works quickly, securely and robustly. The clearly laid-out interface makes it easy to use and easy to learn.
With MXWendler, the only limit is the user’s imagination. This manual is designed to teach users to learn the software quickly, and the tutorials give guidance in simple and clear steps. Before long, you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild, and put your ideas directly into action.
MXWendler can be used to play back all kinds of different media, to create playlists, set up panoramas, and perform live VJ sets.

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Typographic conventions

The following typographic conventions are used to represent this manual clearly for the user:

Capitals: ......................... Used for designation of directories, datas, options, buttons and menu items as commonly used in MXWendler, e.g. Preload.

Bullets: ............................................ The bullets mark single steps and connect the text with the images of the software.
In the text they are represented in bold and capital, on the pictures is the counterpart situated in a red circle. e.g -> (A)

About this manual

This manual shall facilitate the handling of the MXWENDLER Software for beginners and professionals.
For beginners it is worth it to work the manual through from beginning to the end. At the beginning the basics and the individual user interfaces will be introduced. On the basis of the tutorials the most important possibilities of the software are exlplained with simple examples and therefore can be learned quickly and comprehensible.
Important Informations about Hard- and Software can be found in the chapter Media Tips, which is equally interesting for beginners, advanced learners and professionals. Furthermore we regularly propose training days for learning and training needs. (
Familiarize yourself with the used terms. With this vocabulary you can ask precise and easy to answer questions to the support team and in the forum.