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The Layermanager is the origin of the Output Pipeline, where the compositing for the 'Track' happens.
It contains a maximum of 16 Layers (per Track), (A)

The settings can be changed in the Settings menu under:

Settings → Windows → Misc.

Layers: The layers are on the left side of the layer manager. (A)

The layers work on a Bottom to Top structure, the higher layer is in front.
The layers can be linked with each other through the chain symbol on the top-right corner of each layer.
Each modification applied to a linked layer will be applied also to the other linked layers.
By editing a linked layer while holding the Modifier Key (Windows: CTRL), only the selected layer is modified.

Layer Preview: On the right side of the Layer manager. Shows a preview of the selected layer. (B)

A clip from 'Preload', 'File Browser' or 'Live Editor' can be dropped on the top area of the 'Layer Preview' and it will be played in the first layer free from the bottom.
The layer position in output can be edited here by drag&drop and can be scaled by using the two pivots on top of the preview.

Transforms: Editable values to transform the size and shape of the output layer. (C)

Create Patch: Creates a Patch, namely saves the composition in 'Set' to be recalled in a later moment.

A Patch can be made from the selected track or, simultaneously from more tracks. (D)
Also see: Set

Delete: The 'Delete Layer' button is marked with an 'X'. By clicking it, the selected layer will be deleted.(E)

Clicking 'X' while holding the Modifier Key (Windows: CTRL), closes all the layers of the track at once.
Tipp: deleting a layer saves the edits in the original preload of the layer."