MAudio UC-33 to MXWendler Interface Skin and Map

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This applies to MXWendler version 3.4 and above


You are using a controller with another interface than MXW offers you.


You can create your own interfaces and use them with MXW


UC 33 midi map by Florian Licht
Download the
Install / Windows:
Copy midimap.png and midimap.xml into the skins/ folder and restart
Open IO/Midi/Load and load uc33.midimappings
Install / Mac OS:
Right-click on the MXWendler-Application icon
      • 2. Show Package Contents
      • 3. Open Contents folder
      • 4. Open Resources folder
      • 5. Open skin folder
      • 6. Copy all downloaded files in here
      • 7. Open IO/Midi/Load and load uc33.midimappings in MXW