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This applies to Mac OS 10.7 and MXWendler version 4.2 and above


Trouble installing D2XX driver for Mac.


1. Download PRO-Manager from the ENTTEC website
2. Install PRO-Manager on your Machine.
3. Verify if DMX USB PRO is listed under Mac OSX System Information.
4. If it is not installed, download and install FTDI Driver Control from DMXIS website
5. Run the FTDI Driver Control utility as an Administrator and disable the Apple/VCP Driver.
6. Restart your Mac.
7. Verify again, DMX USB PRO is listed under Mac OSX System Information.

File:Mac SystemInfo DMXUSB.png


It seems like after updating Mac OS, D2XX drivers will be replaced by OS drivers.
In this case, you need to repeat the Step-by-Step instructions once again, otherwise, your Enttec device will not be recognized.

This applies to Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10


DMX USB PRO not found?
If PRO-Manager cannot find your DMX USB PRO, your Mac might have a conflicting driver installed.
Download & install this utility, and disable the Apple/VCP Driver:


{{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} 1. Simply run the utility, click the button and type in your password.

2. You must be logged into OS X as an admin user (verify this from System Preferences > Users & Groups)

3. You must have a non-blank password configured (see )

4. Once you have disabled Apple/VCP driver, please replug DMX USB PRO into USB port or restart your Mac, and DMX USB PRO will be found as expected

5. Once you have the DMX USB PRO identified as shown in the pictures, you can use PRO-Manager to test your DMX USB PRO

for further information please visit: {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}