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This applies to Mac OS 10.7 and MXWendler version 4.2 and above


Trouble installing D2XX driver for Mac.



- Download PRO-Manager from the ENTTEC website
- Install PRO-Manager on your Machine
- Verify if DMX USB PRO is listed under Mac OSX System Information
- If it is not installed, download and install FTDI Driver Control from DMXIS website
- Run the FTDI Driver Control utility as an Administrator and disable the Apple/VCP Driver
- Restart your Mac
- Verify again, DMX USB PRO is listed under Mac OSX System Information

File:Mac SystemInfo DMXUSB.png


It seems like after updating Mac OS, D2XX drivers will be replaced by OS drivers.
In this case, you need to repeat the Step-by-Step instructions once again, otherwise your Enttec device will not be recognized.

This applies to Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10


DMX USB PRO not found ?
If PRO-Manager cannot find your DMX USB PRO, your Mac might have a conflicting driver installed.
Download & install this utility, and disable the Apple/VCP Driver:


- Simply run the utility, click the button and type in your password.
- You must be logged into OS X as an admin user (verify this from System Preferences > Users & Groups)
- You must have a non-blank password configured (see )
- Once you have disabled Apple/VCP driver , please replug DMX USB PRO into USB port or restart your Mac, and DMX USB PRO will be found as expected
- Once you have the DMX USB PRO identified as shown in the pictures, you can use PRO-Manager to test your DMX USB PRO

for further information please visit: