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* [[Tutorials|Try a tutorial]]
* [[Tutorials|Try a tutorial]]
* [[Tutorials|Troubleshoot problems]]
* [[Tutorials|Troubleshoot problems]]
* [[Tutorials|Knowledge about video media and smooth video playback]]
* [[Video Codecs|Knowledge about video media and smooth video playback]]

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MXWendler Stage Designer and FXServer Knowledge Base

MXWendler FXServer and Stage Designer serves the best video playout for Theatres, Facade Projections, Video Mapping, Architectural Lighting, Clubs, and LED Lighting. This video software places a strong emphasis on the composition and positioning of the output, because the projection is just as important as the content - no space, stage or scene is like another. It is a professional real-time video software, which works quickly, securely and robustly. The clearly laid-out interface makes it easy to use and easy to learn. The only limit is the user’s imagination.

Getting started