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Output Preview: The render output is monitored in the Output Preview. (A)

Final Transforms: editable values to transform the size and shape of the render output. (B)

Final Effects: a final effect can be applied to the render output. (C)

Clock: time reference, synched with Windows clock. (D)

Runtime Counter: the Runtime Counter shows the time since the start of the session. The counter can be set back to zero with a simple double-click on the counter itself. (E)

Preview Mode: the mode of the Output Preview can be set to: (F)

Normal: the Output Preview is shown before the Keystone. (output correction)
Keystone: the Output Preview is shown after the Keystone. (output correction)

Zoom & Pan: the Output Preview can be zoomed and moved with the two buttons on the upper right corner of the user interface or with the 100% increment field. Size and position of the window can be changed by clicking & dragging one of these elements. Double-click to reset, or to type the desired zoom value. (G)

Render general.png