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Patches can be saved from the Layer Manager in a Set and can be retrieved individually, or as a sequence. Complete compositions with multiple layers, as well as all parameters and media information can be stored in Set in different Patches. Please notice for latency-free output that Patches are just ‘lightweight’, only the references but not the media itself will be loaded. (A)

Clicking on a Patch opens it for editing the DMX Value, title, Fade In time and Type. (B)
Patches can be played, stopped and paused. (C)

IO Index: a patch can be triggered via a script, keyboard, DMX or Midi. Values and functions can be set in:

Settings → Input and Output → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard

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Set Buttons: Patches can be played sequentially. From left to right: (D)

Back to the beginning, play, one step back, one step forward

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