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Transforms: slider values used to customize a preload clip, a layer or the render output. This menu can be found in Preload Preview, Layer Manager and Render Preview. (A)

Opacity: is the measure of how "Nontransparent" the layer is. The lower the Opacity the more transparent the layer will be. The standard value is 1. (full opacity)
TranslationX: position of the layer on the X Axis. The standard value is 0. (Centered)
TranslationY: position of the layer on the Y Axis. The standard value is 0. (Centered)
Scale: size of the layer. The standard value is 100. (original size)
ScaleXY: size of the layer inversely proportional for X and Y Axis. The standard value is 0.5. (X and Y have the same size)
Rotation: rotation of the whole layer. It goes from 0 to 360. The standard value is 180. (original position)
Reset: sets all the values to default.

Tip: single values can be reset to default with a double-click on the slider or can be typed with a double-click on the relative numeric value.

Transforms 1.png

Mode: the avaliable modes are:

Picture in Picture, Add, Strong Add, Subtract, Multiply, Luminance, Strong Luminance, Darken, Lighten, Difference Black/White. (B)

Aspect Mode: the avaliable Aspect Modes are:

Fill, Aspect, 1:1, Pixelwise, Predefined Positions. (C)

Tiling: the layer can be repeated:

No repetition, X repetition, Y repetition, XY repetition.(C)

Each drop-down menu can be accessed by clicking on the triangle next to it.