Tutorial Connecting Jands Vista2 with MXWendler via Art-Net

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In this tutorial we will connect Jands Vista2 (we are using the software on a Windows PC) to an MXWendler media server. We will be able to control the media server via Art-Net. If you are not using a Jands console, install Jands Vista2 on the computer that you want to use as controller.

Import the MXWendler Fixture in the Jands Fixture Editor


  • Launch Vista2 Fixture Type Editor (standalone program, installed with Vista2) or load it trough Vista2:
Menu → Patch → Fixture Editor...
  • Select 'User Fixture Library' then:
Menu → Fixture → Import Fixture
  • the fixture personality is in the MXW installation folder e.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\MXWendlerStageDESIGNER50\DMX\Personalities\Jands\MXW\MXW.Vannetti 2014\MXW 5.0 One Video Layer.fix2

The Fixture is ready to be loaded and used on Vista2

Configuration of the MXWendler Media Server


  • Open MXWendler and activate the following options:
Menu → Settings → Input and Output → DMX/Art-Net
(A) Art-Net connection
(C) Fixture Mode
  • Select the desired number of layers in
(D) Layer Count
  • The media server and the device running Vista2 need to be connected to the same network. eg.
Our media server's IP is
Our controlling devices's IP is

Windows: in case your computer has more network interfaces be sure to select the correct one. Apple: system will listen on all network interfaces.


  • Load the DMX Mappings:
Settings → IO → DMX/Midi/Keyboard Events →
(B) Load eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\MXWendlerStageDESIGNER50\DMX\Personalities\Jands\MXW\MXWendlerDMXmappings
  • Load the file with the desired number of Layers to control. If you want to control 16 layers with Vista2 load the file
(C) MXW_16_Layers.dmxmappings
Restart MXWendler

Configuration of Vista2


  • Open Vista2 and set the Art-Net Connection:
(A) Connect Universes
In the new DMX Connections window, set the DMX Universe to 1 and
(B) Add Network Connection (Universe 1)
(C) Add
  • Select the MXW Fixture Type. One fixture corresponds to one Layer:
(D) MXW 5.0 One Video Layer
(E) Quantity of layers'
(F) Patch

Import the media server thumbnails via CITP

  • Set up the CITP Footage Library on the media server. How to download and assign media server thumbnails:


  • Import footage thumbnails
(A) Menu → Patch → Import Media Server Thumbnails
(B) Import Thumbnails
(C) Left click on the loaded Fixture Type, select Use Custom Media
Choose the thumbnails directory, eg. Windows: ...\Documents\Vista Data\UserName\Images\MediaServerThumbnails and select → MXWendler Mediaserver
  • Additional sources:
Basic settings instructions can be found in the MXW installation folder:
eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\MXWendlerStageDESIGNER50\DMX\Personalities\Jands\MXW -> readme.txt