Tutorial Connecting a Wiimote to MXWendler

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To use this feature a Windows operative system is required

In this tutorial we are going to connect a Wiimote to MXWendler Stage Designer and assign the movement of the controller to a pivot of a keystone element.

Connecting the Wiimote to the Operative System

Set a bluetooth connection on your computer. (eg. a normal bluetooth USB adapter works perfectly)

For this tutorial we are going to use “Touchmote”.

Download and install “Touchmote”. (http://touchmote.net/)

Start the software.


Pair your Wiimote to the software:

Click on (A) “Pair Wiimotes”
then push and hold “Sync” .
(It is the small red button on the back of the Wiimote,
hidden in the battery compartment)

Once the Wiimote is paired, the operative system should recognize it as a bluetooth device.

Close Touchmote.

Configuring the Wiimote to Control Stage Designer

Open MXWendler and set the software to communicate with the Wiimote:

Settings → IO Devices → Wii Check (B)“Open Wii device”

Restart Stage Designer

MXWendler can now communicate with the Wiimote.


{{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} Select “Wii” in the IO Settings:

Settings → IO Devices → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events → Wii

(C) Click on “+” to create a new Event.

(D) Select the event and click “Learn”,

you can choose to assign a button or the movement of the Wiimote.
(Tip) The Wiimote motion sensor is based on infrared light,
if you don´t have a sensor bar you can click on “Learn”
and then try to move the Wiimote in front of the flame of a lighter!

(E) Now choose the Receiver, the type of Action and apply.


In Our case we connected the position of a keystone pivot with the Wimote infrared sensor.

IR X1 - /mxw/keystone/element/1/pivot/col/1/row/1/xposition