Tutorial Controlling MXWendler via TouchOSC

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Version 5 and higher on OSX and Windows.

In this tutorial we will connect TouchOSC to a computer running MXWendler Stage Designer. We will be able to control the software via OSC protocol.

TouchOSC is an app available for IOS and Android devices and is fully adaptable to the user’s specific needs.

With this tutorial we offer a touch interface designed for a fast and intuitive use of our software but we obviously encourage the MXWendler users to change, improve, customize or even design their own template.

This tutorial requires:

  • TouchOSC App

  • TouchOSC MidiBridge and TouchOSC Editor

  • MXWendler TouchController.touchosc and TouchOSC_Keystone_Mappings.midimappings
Download from MXWendler.net

TouchOSC on your touch device

(01) - Download the TouchOSC app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your device.

(02) - Connect the device to the same wireless network of the computer you want to control.

(03) - Open TouchOSC and click on the first item of the menu:

  • (A) - OSC.
Once inside the submenu configure as follows:
HOST: IP address of the computer running MXWendler
Port (outgoing): - 7000

(04) - Then click on the second item:

  • (B) - MIDI Bridge
and configure as follows:
HOST: IP address of the computer running MXWendler

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Configuring the computer

(06) - Download the template and the midi mappings from: MXWendler.net

(07) - Download the TouchOSC Editor and the Midi Bridge from: hexler.net

(08) - Launch the Midi Bridge.


(09) - Open the MXWendler template with the editor and press Sync.

(10) - Now, on the mobile device, open the third item of the TouchOSC menu to download the template:

  • Layout → Add From Editor → Download

Setting up Stage Designer

(11) - Start MXWendler StageDesigner and go to:

TouchOSC 02.PNG

  • (C) - Menu → Settings → IO → OSC
Check Receive OSC
Set port to 7000
Log Received Data can be checked during the setup but, due to performance reasons, it must be unchecked during the usage.

  • (D) - Menu → Settings → Stability and set the Log Level to Show Nothing

(12) - Configure the Midi input:

TouchOSC 05.PNG

  • Menu → Settings → IO → Midi Generators
select TouchOSC Midi Bridge input and output and click ok.

(13) - Load the Midi mappings:

TouchOSC 03.PNG

  • Menu → Settings → IO → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events → Keyboard
and click the Load button at the left bottom of the page to load the keystone Midi mappings linked in this page.
Once the mappings are loaded click Apply.

(14) - Restart MXWendler, load some videos in preload and make a basic playlist…

You can now start to control Stage Designer through your touch device!