Tutorial Creating an Autostart Showfile

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1. Start Stagedesigner/FXServer

2. Load Media into Preload

3. Create Playlist from Preload

4. Setup Output Correction

5. Setup Keyboard/DMX/Midi Input and Output

6. Go to File/Save as.. in Menubar

7. Select name and destination

8. Go to Settings/Windows Misc

9. Go to Startup Actions


10. Select file “On Start, load Showfile..”

11. Browse to any .mxw file

12. Go to Settings/Windows Misc

13. Go to Startup Actions

14. Select file “On Start, load Showfile..”

15. Go to Settings/Windows Misc

16. Go to Startup Actions

17. Select Startup Action

18. Type in any Command that is triggering/starting your playlist

Tools.svg Tooltip: You can start Stagedesigner/FXServer and run your Show directly by double-clicking .mxw file from within your Finder/Explorer

Autostart Startup.PNG