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'''List Features:''' <br>
'''List Features:''' <br>
1.Once the software is started, go to:  
1.Once the software is started, go to:  
:'''Menu → Settings → List Features'''
:'''Menu → Settings → List Features'''

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In this tutorial we will see, step by step, how to request the activation of specific features in MXWendler.


Two kinds of license key can be used in MXWendler products:

The Dongle : Is an hardware key, a USB flash drive.
If you have an MXWendler USB Dongle Key you just need to insert it in one of your computer´s USB ports before starting the software.
You can use your dongle in any computer you like. There is no limitation on the number of machines you can use with your license.
The Soft Key : It´s also possible to activate a licensing packet or a feature with a soft-key;
it can be requested from the software menu with the following procedure.

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List Features:

1.Once the software is started, go to:

Menu → Settings → List Features

2.This will open a dialog window that lists all the software features.

From this box it will be possible to see which features are already available and which ones need a license to be activated.

Features: You can build your system on your needs. With a wide list of features you can choose to activate a packet or just add some Outputs or Layers. {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} The selectable Features in MXW are:


List features 01.png

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Activating Features:

B - Add a Feature

To add a feature, go to:
Menu → Settings → Add a Feature
This will open a dialog window that will allow you to request a packet or a specific feature.

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01. Choose Feature: choose from the first drop down menu the feature you would like to add to the software.

Licensing 02.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

02. Choose Duration: choose from the second drop down menu for how long would you like to use this feature.

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03. Mail this string to license@mxwendler.net: once Feature and Duration are selected a description of your request will appear in the dialog box. Select the text by clicking and dragging the mouse on it, copy the text and paste it in your mail-browser. Send the mail to license@mxwendler.net and we will contact you back!

Licensing 04.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

04. Enter Key here: once you received your soft key you just need to copy it from the e-mail, insert it in the dialog box and click on OK.
Restart the MXWendler software and go straight to check the list of the installed features!