Tutorial Playlists with PJlink Command

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In this tutorial, we will turn a projector on using the PJlink Command in playlist.

1. Go to Playlist. (A)

2. Right-click on an empty cell and select PJLink Command from the Context Menu.

Context Menu → Input/Output → PJLink Command (B)

3. Click on the PJLink Command cell, the settings will be opened under the playlist. (C)

4. In the settings tab:

  • set the command on Power on (Video on/off, controls the shutter of the projector),
  • uncheck the dry run box so your action will take effect, (D)
  • set the password to access the projectors (the default PJLink password can be usually found in the user manual of the projector and can changed by the user),
  • set the IP address to every projector connected to the network that you want to control.

6. Play the Playlist to send the PJlink Command to the projectors.