Tutorial Playlists with Subtitles

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There are multiple ways in MXWendler to insert text (subtitles) into your video composition:

  • Richtext and Text in Preload;
  • Using the Playlist Wizard;
  • Trigger Subtitle function in Playlist functions.

In this tutorial, we will create subtitles in a playlist using the Trigger Subtitle function. This tutorial requires MXWendler Version 6 and above.
1. Go to Playlist, right-click on an empty cell, and choose Trigger Subtitle.
2. Enter your text with your desired format and click Ok. The possible formatting options are:

Italic: use two apostrophes ('') for italic. (e.g. ''sample text'')
Bold: use three apostrophes (''') for bold. (e.g. '''sample text''')
Bold & Italic: use five apostrophes (''''') for bold & italic. (e.g '''''sample text''''')
Colors: use html color codes before any word to color it. (e.g. use #FF0000sample text to get #FF0000sample text)