Tutorial Playlists with Subtitles

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There are multiple ways in MXWendler to insert text (subtitles) into your video composition:

  • Richtext and Text in Preload;
  • Using the Playlist Wizard;
  • Trigger Subtitle function in Playlist functions.

In this tutorial, we will create subtitles in a playlist using the Trigger Subtitle function. This tutorial requires MXWendler Version 6 and above.
1. Go to Playlist, right-click on an empty cell, and choose Trigger Subtitle. (A)
2. Enter your text with the desired format and click Ok. The possible formatting options are: (B)

Italic: use two apostrophes '' for italic. (e.g. ''sample text'')
Bold: use three apostrophes ''' for bold. (e.g. '''sample text''')
Bold & Italic: use five apostrophes ''''' for bold & italic. (e.g '''''sample text''''')
Colors: use html color codes before any word to color it. (e.g. use #FF0000sample text to get sample text )
Lines: use semicolon ; to go to the next line.

3. Play the cue with the Subtitle inside to send the subtitle for playback. (C)

Tip: you can export the subtitle as a .csv file, open it in a simple text editor, work on it further, and import it again in your playlist. You can do this in Playlist Menu, through Export Subtitle to .csv and Import Subtitle from .csv. (D)


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