Tutorial Resetting Runtime Counter with IO Commands in Playlist

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In this tutorial, we'll reset the Runtime Counter at the end of a playlist using IO Commands.

IO Mapping

1. Go to Settings → Input and Output - Keyboard,MIDI,DMX → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events (A)

2. From the drop-down menu of Events select Keyboard. (B)

3. Click Add(+) and then click Learn and press a key on the keyboard (e.g. A). (C)

4. From the drop-down menu of Receiver select /mxw/render/runtime. (D)

5. From the drop-down menu of Type select Go To. (E)

6. Set the time to 0 and the Value to 0. (F)

7. Click Apply and Ok.



1. Go to Preload Tab and load a number of videos to Preload.

2. Go to Playlist Tab and create a playlist from the videos in Preload. (A)

3. Right-click on the cell after the last video in your playlist and select IO Command and Send IO Command. (B)

4. Click on the Cell where the IO Command is and in the edit box down double-click on the empty box and write down 'Keyboard a'. (C)

5. Play through the Playlist. When you play the IO Command the keyboard 'a' would be triggered causing the Runtime Counter to restart.