Tutorial Sending and Receiving Multiple Video Streams with NDI

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In this tutorial, we'll send and receive multiple streams of Video from and to MXWendler using NDI. This tutorial needs MXWendler Version 6 and above.

Settings in MXWendler for the Sender

To be able to use MXWendler as an NDI source:
1. Go to NDI settings and activate Start NDI Server.

Settings → Media-Clips,Live,Virtual → Streaming → NDI (A)

2. From the drop-down list, select and add which source of video should be streamed out. You can also type the source you wish to stream out: (B)

e.g for the video on the fourth Layer of the Track 2, write /mxw/track/2/layer/4

3. Start and Register MXWendler Virtual Capture... must be activated (C)

4. Restart MXWendler.

In theory, you can stream more than 60 video sources out from MXWendler. These streams can be received through NDI Tools, by any other PC which is on the same Ethernet network. You can monitor these streamed outputs via the Studio Monitor application which is included in the NDI Tools package.

Settings on the Receiver System

To use MXWenlder as an NDI receiver:
1. Go to Live Devices settings and activate Check for NDI Streams.

Settings → Media-Clips,Live,Virtual → Live Devices (A)

2. Got to Streaming settings and activate Start and Register MXWendler... and Strict internal feedback

Settings → Media-Clips,Live,Virtual → Streaming (A)

3. Restart MXWendler.
4. Go to Media Settings and Live Devices. Here in the Devices table, you'll see all the available NDI streams on your network. Double-click on each one that you want to activate and change from Unknown to Known and click Ok.
5. Go to Preload and open a preload cell. Click on Live Media and choose the desired NDI source as your Live Media source.