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:• Slider 9 = Master Opacity
:• Slider 9 = Master Opacity

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In this tutorial preload clips are triggered over an Akai APC Mini Controller. Furthermore tracks, layers, effect parameters and the master opacity can be controlled over the sliders.

1. Install MIDIYoke (MidiYokeSetup.msi needs to be installed in Windows XP compatibility mode!).
2. Install MIDI-OX.
3. Connect the Akai APC Mini to your computer.
4. Open MIDI-OX.
5. Select 'MIDIYoke 1' as Output and 'APC Mini' as Input:
Options → MIDI Devices → Output = 'MIDIYoke 1' → Input = 'APC Mini'
6. Select 'apcmini_mxw_datamap_full.oxm' as datamap:
Options → Data Mapping → new window → Load: apcmini_mxw_datamap_full.oxm

The window should now be filled with data. This file needs to be loaded only once. The next time you run MIDI-OX it will be loaded automatically.

Important:Enable TURN MAP ON and confirm it with OK.MIDI-OX must be active in the background while working with the Akai APC Mini! 
MIDI-OX converts the Note-On Data of the Akai APC Mini into Control Change, which 
MXWendler can process.

7. Open MXWendler.
8. Select 'MIDI' in the IO Settings:
Settings → IO Devices → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events → MIDI
9. Load the file Wendler_standard_APCmini.midimappings.
10. Click on 'Apply', confirm it with 'OK' and 'Yes'.
11. Select 'In From MIDI Yoke 1' under MIDI/Generators:
Settings → IO Devices → MIDI/Generators → In From MIDI Yoke 1
12. Confirm it with 'OK'.
13. Set the Preload to 8 rows and 8 columns. (Thereby the Preload Tab corresponds to the optic of the Akai APC Mini.)
14. Restart MXWendler.

Each of the 64 Akai APC Mini buttons will now trigger a Preload Clip once in MXWendler.

The round buttons on the side are already programmed in MIDI-OX and can be seized by choice.

• Slider 1,2,3 = Track 1,2,3
• Slider 4,5,6 = Layer 1,2,3 (on the active track)
• Slider 7,8 = free, can be seized by choice (e.g. effect values)
• Slider 9 = Master Opacity