Tutorial Using the Akai APC Mini (Note On/Off)

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1. Install MIDIYoke (MidiYokeSetup.msi needs to be installed in Windows XP compatibility mode!).
2. Install MIDI-OX.
3. Connect AKAI APC Mini to your computer.
4. Open MIDI-OX.
5. Select 'MIDIYoke 1' as Output and 'APC Mini' as Input:
Options → MIDI Devices → Output = 'MIDIYoke 1' → Input = 'APC Mini'
6. Select 'apcmini_mxw_datamap_full.oxm' as datamap:
Options → Data Mapping → new window → Load: apcmini_mxw_datamap_full.oxm

The window should now be filled with data. This file needs to be loaded only once. The next time you run MIDI-OX it will be loaded automatically.

Important:Enable TURN MAP ON and confirm it with OK.MIDI-OX must be active in the background while working with the AKAI APC Mini! 
MIDI-OX converts the Note-On Data of the AKAI APC Mini into Control Change, which 
MXWendler can process.

7. Open MXWendler.
8. Select 'MIDI' in the IO Settings:
Settings → IO Devices → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events → MIDI
9. Load the file Wendler_standard_APCmini.midimappings.
10. Click on 'Apply', confirm it with 'OK' and 'Yes'.
11. Select 'In From MIDI Yoke 1' under MIDI/Generators:
Settings → IO Devices → MIDI/Generators → In From MIDI Yoke 1
12. Confirm it with 'OK'.
13. Set the Preload to 8 rows and 8 columns. (Thereby the Preload Tab corresponds to the optic of the AKAI APC Mini.)
14. Restart MXWendler.

• Each of the 64 AKAI APC Mini buttons will now trigger a Preload Clip once in MXWendler.
• The round buttons are already programmed in MIDI-OX and can be seized by choice.
• Controllers 1,2,3 = Track 1,2,3
• Controllers 4,5,6 = Layer 1,2,3 (on the active track)
• Controllers 7,8 = free, can be seized by choice (e.g. effect values)
• Controller 9 = Master Opacity