User Interface - outside of the main display

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This applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.

By changing display configuration and especially working with several outputs it could happen
to set the User Interface Window on a screen that no is no longer the main screen or not even connected anymore.

In some of this cases the User Interface can be unreachable, here is how to solve this problem:

1. Start the MXWendler Software

2. Press Alt+Tab(Windows) or CMD+Tab(Mac) until the MXWendler User Interface is selected

3. Open the Window-Misc settings page by pressing Ctrl+4(Windows) or CMD+4(Mac)

4. Now press Ctrl+Shift(Windows) or Alt+Shift(Mac). This will move the settings page you just opened to the mouse pointer.

5. Now you can change the position values of the User Interface window to make it appear on the main display. (X=20, Y=20)

6. Quit the MXWendler software by right-clicking on the icon on the Taskbar and then on the X(Windows) or on Quit(Mac).

7. When quitting a small dialog asks if you really want to quit, if you can't see the dialog repeat the step n. 4.

8. Restart the software, the User Interface should appear on the main Display.