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General Usage

The MODIFIER key is 'Ctrl' on Windows and 'Alt' on Apple systems.
Press 'Shift' + MODIFIER key to recall the settings windows to the position of the mouse pointer.

Preload Tab

Create a layer by dragging preload clip to the layer manager.
Change running layer media by dragging preload clip on layer.
Connect preload buttons to IO devices by dragging the buttons to IO keys
Copy media by dragging from preload to preload

Press shift to copy media but not layer positioning

Live Editor Tab

Open a media file dialog by double-clicking on the background.
Create a layer by dragging clip to the layer manager.
Remove running clip by dragging it to the deleter area.
A clip cannot be closed while beeing used in a layer.

Layer Manager Tab

Change layer order by dragging thumbnails onto each other.
Remove layer by dragging it to the deleter area
Press shift to avoid removing the clip
Remove all layers at once by clicking MODIFIER + click on ´X´ button (v5.0.10+).
Holding MODIFIER allows to edit just the selected layer when is connected to other layers trough the "chain" function (v5.0.10+)

Playlist Tab

For triggering a IO Keyboard Command enter Keyboard+Key (e.g. Keyboard a).
Some Keys (special keys) are using brackets (e.g. Keyboard (space))

You can see if you have to type brackets in the IO device settings

Keystone Tab

Dis-/Enable element modification by double-clicking the centered element pivot.
Mark a pivot by clicking on it.
Mark multiple pivots by dragging a box around them.
Mark multiple pivots by by holding the MODIFIER key.
Move pivot marking with Ctrl+arrow keys.
Move an activated pivot by dragging it with the mouse or using the keyboard arrow keys

Hold Shift while using the arrow keys for larger pivot steps
Hold MODIFIER while dragging to limit the movement to horiziontal or vertical

Navigation control ( bottom right in keystone ) usage:

Zoom into the keystone area by dragging an area inside the control
Pan view by dragging the marked area
Zoom to full view by double-clicking inside the control
Buttons top right: small zoom/pan steps
Buttons top left: zoom view history

Standalone Encoder / Video Batch Encoder Usage

Set cachefolder location in MXW->Settings->Filecache
Uncheck Prefer external codecs in FXServer->Media Settings
Set cachefolder location in Standalone Encoder
Open a Movie in Standalone Encoder and choose wanted quality
Load cached movie in MXW