Windows + How to Deactivate Aero Peek to Prevent Unwanted Output Blackouts

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This applies to Windows 10 and all MXWendler version

What is Aero Peek

Aero Peek is a Windows feature that allows you to temporarily peek at the desktop behind any open program windows. It helps the user to put in evidence a preview from the taskbar when the mouse pointer runs over it. Unfortunately, every other unselected window will become invisible so long that the cursor stays on the preview.
The possibility to turn off the output without even a click can be a major risk during a live show. Follow these easy steps to deactivate this preview function.

How to Disable the Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

1. Go to: Control Panel → System and Security → System. (A)
2. Click on: 'Advanced system settings'. (B)
3. Select the 'Advanced' tab in the new window. (C)
4. Click 'Performance' under Settings. (D)
5. Uncheck Enable Peek and 'Apply'. (E)