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This applies to Windows 7 and MXWendler version 4.2 until 4.2.22


If you use MXWendler under Windows 7, the internal or external feedback does not work.

Quick Check

1. Open Settings → Media → Live Devices.
2. Do you see "MXWendler_01" ? If not, this problem description applies to your computer system.


1. Lower your security restrictions: go to → User Account Settings → Change User Account Settings put the Slider to the lowest position.
2. Caveat: you are lowering your computer's security with this action!


This feedback is implemented using an ocx control but Win 7 changed the permissions you need to activate - even your own - ocx controls.
If you lower these restrictions, you are allowed to install these ocx controls even if you are not an administrator.
That used to be allowed to anyone in the Windows version before vista.