Capture Cards (e.g. BM Decklink Studio2)

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This applies to Mac OS 10.7 and MXWendler version 4.2 and above (for Windows see below)


You can find your Capture Cards in Live Devices, but there is no video signal.


1. Open 'Live Devices' from 'Settings/Media-Pictures, video and live media'.

2. Mark the Checkbox 'Open Live Device Settings on Start'.

LiveDevices 1.png

3. Change the state of your Live Device by double-clicking.

4. Set state to 'Known' and enter your Capture values.

LiveDevice state.pngLiveDevices state known.png

Now a Video dialog should appear with a preview of your live device.

Video LiveDevice dialog 1.png

5. Start FXServer/StageDesigner.

6. Open New Clip in Live Editor.

7. Select LiveMedia in DropDown Menu.

LiveMedia LiveEditor captur 1.png

Using BlackmagicDesign Capture Cards with Windows 7

1. Setup your Capture Card in Control Panel 'BlackmagicDesign Control Panel'.

2. Check-in Blackmagic Media Express if there is a signal.

3. If there is a signal in Black Magic Media Express, write down the exact figures eg. 1920 x 1080 x 50p

4. In the Stage Designer live media window, DO NOT use the Blackmagic WDM device, use the Decklink device: WDM->unknown, Decklink->Known with the exact figures you noted before.

5. Reduce latency: set Stage Designer / FXServer framerate 'Higher than capture card latency.

BM System Settings 1.PNG {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}