MXW does not start any more

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This applies to all Windows versions and MXWendler versions 4.2 and above


MXW starts but after opening a window it stops without any error or it tries to send a .zip file via email.


One of the startup files or the config file, or one of the files it links to, has gotten corrupted.


1. Find and delete config.xml:

MXWendler Versions < 5.0 go to (program folder)/config/ and delete config.xml
MXWendler Versions > 5.0 go to C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Roaming\MXW and delete config.xml

2. Go to (program folder)/preload/ and delete default.mxwpreload


If you delete these files, MXW will start without opening any media files and will rebuild a new configuration file.