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This applies to all Mac and MXWendler version 5.2 and above


Older 'Internal' cached videos do not work anymore.
Creating 'Internal' cached videos with the Stage Designer / FXServer does not work anymore.


1. Go to Settings → Media → Avi/Qt and deselect 'Prefer external codecs'.
2. Open a new media file.
3. Select 'Internal Codec'.
4. Error ME009 appears: Internal cached media must be cache complete. Please cache with the standalone encoder.


1. Open the 'Video Batch Encoder'.
2. Drag the media file onto it.
3. Press 'Run'.
4. Open the file in the Stage Designer again.

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Creating caches inside Stage Designer / FXServer is not supported anymore. Also, setting a fixed cache path is not supported anymore. All caches are expected in a folder aside from the media files. Use the Standalone Encoder to create the caches.