OSC Messages - Correct Text and Value Example

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This applies to all different OS versions and MXWendler 5.0 and above


You need to send an OSC command to start the Playlist in MXW.


1. Use an app or software, capable of sending custom OSC messages.
2. Connect the controller device and the server to the same network and specify the right port.
3. Send the correct OSC message to MXWendler: e.g. /mxw/playlist/play 1 followed by /mxw/playlist/play 0

The playlist Play is a button, therefore a "Press" message (Value '1') needs to be followed by a "Release" message (Value '0')
To be sure that the system understands the values please send simple numbers:
'1' is correct, '1.0' or '1.000' are not.

To understand how the MXWendler Systems works in combination with OSC please read:

The MXWendler OSC Reference: http://download.mxwendler.net/osc/osc_reference.pdf
TouchOSC and MXWendler tutorial: https://wiki.mxwendler.net/index.php/Tutorial_Controlling_MXWendler_via_TouchOSC