Time and Event Sync all PCs

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This applies to all different OS and MXWendler version 4.2 and above


Pooling MXWendler systems via time synchronization.

Tests to do before starting MXWendler

  • Can you ping all the computers from one host?
  • Can you ping back?
  • Does your router/switch allow broadcasting?
  • Are the firewalls turned off?
  • Does the admin account have a password ( Windows 7)?


1. Turn on OSC receiving for every machine on port 7000.

2. Create a simple OSC testing application with eg. PD and send some commands to *any machine* from *any machine*.

3. Turn on 'Broadcast and receive time' for every machine. all machines will send their time until they receive a packet from a machine with the lower IP, then they switch to receiving.

4. Broadcast to the subnet: ( subnet may have a different IP ).

5. Broadcast to the ports where the machines are listening ( 7000 ).

Important: sometimes Windows 7 does not allow broadcasting, then address the other machine with its IP directly ( eg. instead of ).

For more information on time and event syncing PCs check 'Tutorial Time-sync and sending IO Commands over OSC Protocol'.