Tutorial Connecting a Wiimote to MXWendler

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This tutorial applies to Windows only, and all MXWendler versions.


In this tutorial we are going to connect a Wiimote to MXWendler Stage Designer and assign the movement of the controller to a pivot of a keystone element.

Connecting the Wiimote to the Operative System

1. Set a Bluetooth connection on your computer. (eg. a normal Bluetooth USB adapter works perfectly)

For this tutorial, we are going to use “Touchmote”.

Download and install “Touchmote”. (http://touchmote.net/)

2. Start the software.


3. Pair your Wiimote to the software:

Click on 'Pair Wiimotes' (A)
Push and hold 'Sync'.
(It is the small red button on the back of the Wiimote, hidden in the battery compartment)

Once the Wiimote is paired, the operative system should recognize it as a Bluetooth device.

4. Close Touchmote.

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Configuring the Wiimote to Control Stage Designer

5. Open MXWendler and set the software to communicate with the Wiimote:

Settings → IO Devices → Wii
Check 'Open Wii device' (B)

6. Restart Stage Designer

MXWendler can now communicate with the Wiimote.


{{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} 7. Select 'Wii' in the IO Settings: (C)

Settings → IO Devices → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard Events → Wii

8. Click on '+' to create a new Event. (D)

9. Select the event and click 'Learn', you can choose to assign a button or the movement of the Wiimote. (E)

Tip: The Wiimote motion sensor is based on infrared light, if you don´t have a sensor bar you can click on 'Learn' and then try to move the Wiimote in front of the flame of a lighter!

10. Now choose the Receiver, the type of Action and apply. (F)

In our case, we connected the position of a Keystone Pivot with the Wiimote infrared sensor.

IR X1 - /mxw/keystone/element/1/pivot/col/1/row/1/xposition