Tutorial Connecting the grandMA 2Port Node with MXWendler via Art-Net

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This tutorial applies to Windows only, and all MXWendler versions.

In this tutorial, we will connect a grandMA onPC software with a grandMA 2Port node. The onPC software will send Art-Net, which will be used to control an MXWendler mediaserver.

Configure the grandMA on PC System

1. Open the network adapter settings, assign interface a primary MA-Net2 IP address. ( here )

2. Open 'Erweitert...' / 'Extended...'

3. Add a secondary interface IP address in the Art-Net range ( recommended 2.x.x.x ). The netmask of is important.

06 IPConsoleXtended2.PNG

Configure the grandMA on PC Software

01 grandmasession.PNG

4. Open MA Setup, create a new session on the MA-Net2 IP ( here )

02 grandma2portnode.PNG

5. Open DMX nodes, add the node, assign it an MA-Net2 IP address ( here ), set Ma-Net2 mode, set session-id that matches the previously created session.

{{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} 03 grandmaartnet.PNG

6. Open Network Protocols, enable Art-Net, enable DMX output, set universe and subnet as shown.

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Configure the MXWendler Mediaserver PC System

7. Open network adapter settings, enter a valid Art-Net IP address. The subnet mask of is important. (A)

Configure the MXWendler Mediaserver Software

8. Open Settings → IO → Art-Net/DMX → Select adapter, universe and subnet as shown. (B)

08 ArtNetMediaserver.PNG