Tutorial Creating an Automated Show with Daily Event and Playlist Conditions

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This tutorial applies to Windows computers with MXWendler version 6.0 and following.


In this tutorial, a simple automated show is created through a daily trigger and some time conditions.
The installation, used here as example, consists in a two FHD outputs projection on a facade.
The video must be played in loop, every day from 20:30 to 00:00.


1. Set Windows to start StageDesigner or FXServer at the computer startup.

Hit the Windows button on the keyboard, write “Run” and press enter. (A)
In the Run window, digit: “shell:startup” and press enter. (the start up folder will open).
Copy a shortcut to StageDesigner or FXServer in the startup folder. (B)
at the OS start, the chosen MXWendler product will be automatically started.

Playlist daily1.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

2. Define the time you want your daily event to start the playlist.

We are going to use the playlist to turn on and off the projectors,
so we will set our daily event at 20:00 and use two PJLink Commands[link] to turn on the Projectors.
Go to: Menu → Settings → Windows Misc → Misc (C)
Type 20:00 in the daily event field and confirm by clicking Ok. (D)

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3. Create an I/O event to be daily triggered:

Go to: Menu → Settings → Input and Output and select Timer in the Events field. (E)
Create a new IO Event[link], click on the event selection menu and choose daily. (F)
As Receiver select /mxw/playlist/play and click Apply (G)
at 20:00 a playlist/play command will be executed by the system.

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4. Now an automated playlist can be built as follows:

Playlist daily4.png

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Cue 1-2: two PJLink commands in the first two cues will turn ON the Projectors
Cue 4: the time condition will put the playlist in a waiting-loop until 20:30 (show start)
Cue 6: the main clip will be triggered, the video will play to its end and jump to the next clip
Cue 7: the main clip will be faded out, a logo will be played
Cue 8: the logo will be faded out
Cue 9: until the time condition is not “True” (23:50) the Autostep will keep the playlist in loop (cue 5 to 9)

Tip: the end of the show will be at midnight, the clip lasts 09:21 minutes so the time condition HAS to be
set around 23:50 to be sure that the last playback ends before midnight.
(if the last playback would end after midnight, the time condition would be reached at “new day”.
00:00 counts as BEFORE 23:50 and the playlist would continue looping from cue 5 to 9)

Cue :10-11: two PJLink commands in the last two cues will turn OFF the Projectors
Cue 12: Go to Start: stops the playlist and goes back to start, waiting for the next daily event at 20:00

5. save the showfile and set it in Start Action

go to: Menu → File and click on Save as.. to save the show
go to: Menu → Settings → Windows Misc → Startup Action, select the showfile to load on start and click ok. (H)
go to: Menu → File and click on Save to overwrite the last change.

Tip: most of the new PC systems have a setting in Bios to restart automatically after a power loss. This, in
conjunction to a remote control service like Team Viewer would allow a great control over a long time
installation. {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}