Tutorial Playlists with Auto Step

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.


In this tutorial, a playlist with Auto Steps is created. The Auto Step is an automation that defines a specific Cue of the Playlist and plays it after a specific amount of time.


1. First, create a playlist with multiple media files.

2. Create an Auto Step: right-click on an empty cell and from the Progress sub-menu, select Auto Step. (A)

Select the Auto Step cell and edit the options according to your wish:
  • After: time the auto step needs to be activated, (B)
  • Go forward / Go back / Go to: the direction, (C)
  • Numeric field: insert the number of cues to skip forward or back to, or the title of the cue you wish to go to. (D)

Tip: You can use Auto Steps to create looping playlists and for jumping to defined Cues in large Playlists.

Playlist Autostep.png