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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.


For the best FXServer performance you can easily convert your video clips into the internal format using the Standalone Encoder. Image sequences are always converted, video formats are either converted automatically (when the FFMpeg engine does not recognize the format), or upon request. This decision is saved for each medium, and can be later changed in the file-specific settings:


1. Launch FXServer and Standalone Encoder from the program directory.

2. Set Cachefolder in FXServer Filecache settings. (A)

Menu: Settings → Filecache → Cache Path

Tip: The cache directory contains the bulk of the video clip data for later use. This should be created on the fastest hard disk. Cache directories for image sequences are always created directly in the image sequence folder.

Standalone Encoder 1.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} 3. Uncheck 'Prefer external codecs' in FXServer Media Settings: (B)

Menu: Settings → Media → Avi/Qt

Standalone Encoder 2.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}} 4. Set Cache Path in Standalone Encoder. (C)

Menu: File → Set Cache Path

Standalone Encoder 3.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

5. Open Video in Standalone Encoder and choose 'Quality Settings'. (D)

6. Click on 'Run' to start the conversion. (E)

Standalone Encoder 4.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

7. Open Movie in FXServer.

8. Choose 'Internal Codec' on import menu. (F)

Standalone Encoder 5.png {{#mpdftags: pagebreak}}

9. If you want to remove these 'File Specific Settings' you can delete them in the FXServer Filecache. (G)

Menu: Settings → Filecache → File Specific Settings
Restart FXServer after deleting File Specific Settings!

Standalone Encoder 6.png