Tutorial Simultaneous Playback of two Videos with two Video Projectors

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.

In this tutorial, two videos are played back simultaneously with two video projectors.

Load Videos

1. The two videos must first be loaded into the Preload. (A)

2. Load the two videos into the Layermanager with 'Add'. (B)

The two videos are shown one on top of each other in Layermanager. (C)

Tip: The actual number of projectors or displays behind the output window is ultimately not important for the software. This tutorial is assuming that the output at the event is stretched over two XGA projectors. This behaviour can also be simulated using a small output.

Simultaneous Playback 2Projectors 1.png

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Set the Keystone

1. Two video projectors will now be set up in the Keystone Tab's submenu 'Keystone'. The numbers of projectors can be increased with '+'. (D)

2. Press the red 'Build' button to update the changes. (E)

3. By (de-)activating 'Add Softedges', the black bar in the centre can be turned on or off. The 'Build' button must be clicked again to apply changes. (F)

Tip: Add Softedges creates an overlapping area in which image outputs from the projectors are physically superimposed. The doubled brightness in this area is overlayed with Softedges.

Simultaneous Playback 2Projectors 2.png

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Save and Play as Patches

1. Activate the top layer. (G)

2. Scale the video with the help of the yellow dots or using numeric input. (H)

3. Repeat step 6 and 7 with the lower layer. (I)

4. 'Create Patch' to save the defined settings and to prepare the two videos for simultaneous launching. (J)

5. Open the Set Tab. (K)

If the patch 'Play' button is pressed, the two videos will be played back simultaneously on both projectors. (L)

Simultaneous Playback 2Projectors 3.png