Tutorial Playlists with IO - Commands

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions. Please note that the screenshots are made with Version 5 User Interface. Version 6 users please consider the differences in Version 6 Playlist.


In this tutorial, a playlist will be controlled through the keyboard using the IO-Commands.


1. First, create a playlist with multiple media files. (See Tutorial Creating playlists)

2. On the second column, create a couple of IO-Commands:

Right-click into an empty cell, select Input/Output and then I/O Command. (A)

3. To be able to define the IO Commands later, create now two Keyboard Events.

For instance: mxw/playlist/play and mxw/playlist/gotostart
(See the About Events section of this wiki)

Playlist io 1 1.png

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4. Once the two Keyboard Events are created, go back to the playlist and select one of the IO-commands.

Once the command is selected, it can be configured through the line that appears just under the playlist: double click over the description and type the name of the desired key, for example, Keyboard (space) or Keyboard A. (B)

Playlist io 2 1.png