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Playlists can be created and edited from preloaded media, external media or text files. There are multiple commands, options, and settings available to create the desired playlist.


Cells: playlists are made out of different Cells. Cells are where the media indexes and Playlist commands are stored to be triggered for playback or execution. It can be inserted/removed to the Playlist by right-clicking on any Cell. Cells can be colored and labeled by right-clicking and choosing Color/Label. (A)

Cues: each row of Cells in a playlist is defined as a Cue. Each Cue has an index. Indexes can be changed by double-clicking on the index names/number. All the Cells in a Cue are triggered simultaneously. Cues can be inserted/removed by right-clicking on any Cell. Multiple Cues cannot be triggered/activated simultaneously. (B)

Columns: Each vertical line of cues is defined as a Column. Only one Cell in each column can be active at any given time. Columns can be added/removed by right-clicking on any Cell. (C)

Next Cue: the white frame around the cues shows the Cue which will be triggered next. (D)

Comment Column: by double-clicking, a user-defined comment can be entered. (E)


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Current Cue Title & Duration: shows the title and duration of the current Cue which is in play. (F)

Next Cue Index: shows the index of the next Cue. By double-clicking on it, you can enter the number or name of the Cue you wish to jump to. (G)

Next Cue Title & Duration: shows the title and duration of the next Cue. (H)

Playlist Buttons: from left to right: (I)

skip back to the beginning | skip one step back | play | seek forward | pause | skip one step forward

Cue Settings: the detail settings for the cues. (J)

Tip: the size of the Playlist can be customized through the draggable window-splitter at its bottom, the zoom slider and by using ctrl-mousewheel on the playlist area