Tutorial Playlists with Time and Date Conditions

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions. Please note that the screenshots are made with Version 5 User Interface. Version 6 users please consider the differences in Version 6 Playlist.


In this tutorial, a playlist with time or date conditions is created.


1. First, create a playlist with multiple media files. (See Tutorial Creating Playlists)

2. Create a Time/Date condition: (A)

Right-Click into an empty cell → Conditions → Time/Date Condition

Below the table you can setup the condition behaviour, like 'Before/After' a chosen 'Time/Date' jump to cue by 'Go forward/Go back/Go to'. (B)

Tip: You can use Time Conditions to create looping Playlists and for jumping to defined cues in large Playlists.

Playlist TimeConditions.png