Windows 7 + Artnet

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This applies to Windows 7 and MXWendler version 4.2 and above


Art-Net does not start. MXWendler Logwin says 'Network interface not found'.


1. Windows offers many network interfaces, let MXWendler know which one is the one you want to use.
2. You need to name the correct network interface by its IP address. To find out your current IP address:

Enter Win+R and type cmd and press enter,
Type ipconfig in the cmd window,
Enter the IP address in the network interface field like

3. Make sure that the administrator user account has a password set.
4. Turn off all firewalls.

Tip: Use the free 'DMX Workshop' from 'Artistic License' to test Art-Net functionality.
Also, check Tutorial Connecting the grandMA 2Port Node with MXWendler via Art-Net