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Patches are saved in a Set. Complete compositions with multiple layers, as well as all parameters and media information can be stored in Set in different Patches. Patches can be saved from the Layer Manager and can be retrieved individually, or as a sequence. Please notice for latency-free output that Patches are just ‘lightweight’, only the references but not the media itself will be loaded. (A)

Clicking on a Patch opens it for editing. DMX Value, Fade In time and Type and the title of the Patch can be edited here. (B)

IO Index: a patch can be triggered via a script, keyboard, DMX or Midi. Values and functions can be set in:

Settings → Input and Output → DMX/MIDI/Keyboard

See also:

Patches can be played, stopped and paused. (C)

Set Buttons: With the buttons, Patches can be played sequentially. From left to right: (D)

Back to the beginning, Play, One step back, One step forward

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